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Blackout Bedroom® Tents from Coleman

One of the worst things about camping can be the early sunrise, well that is no longer a problem with a new system from Coleman, Blackout Bedroom Tents.

BlackOut bedroom is a revolutionary tent for campers, it blocks out up to 99% of daylight penetrating the bedroom helping you get a longer better nights sleep.

Also the new materials help to manage the temperature in your bedroom by storing energy from the sun in the surface of the fabric. The tents also have an SPF50 providing protection against the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

There are eight tents in the Blackout range , from the Kobuk a small tent ideal for kid-free festival goers to the Cabral 6 family tent, perfect for whole family.

Coleman are one of the leading brands in the tent market and have been for many decades and they continue to release some amazing new tents.

Coleman’s revolutionary sleep system is proving a big hit for our customers who are sensitive to daylight.

These new tents  blackOut 99% of daylight penetrating the bedroom – helping you get a longer, more restful sleep!

These new tents  blackOut 99% of daylight penetrating the bedroom – helping you get a longer, more restful sleep!


Tent Buying Guide by Outdoor Camping Direct

A Tent buying guide by Outdoor Camping Direct

Buying a new tent can be tricky and this tent buying guide from outdoor camping direct will help guide you. The size of a tent is normally described by the maximum number that can sleep inside, or its number of ‘berths’.

A few questions of what you should ask yourself before buying a new tent.

What tent shape do I buy? The shape is very important,  Pop up tent, Dome tent, Tunnel tent or Dome Tent?

Can I stand up inside? As a rule of thumb the smaller the tent, the less height you will have.

Size of the tent? We have found that 4 berth tents usually work really well for 2 adults, and larger tents can work well for families.

What should my new tent be made of? Modern tents are made from several different materials and fabrics, including coated polyester, coated nylon and cuben fiber.

Nylon is far stronger and more resistant to abrasion than polyester. But both fabrics require a coating to become waterproof.

A fabric’s denier is a rough indicator of its weight per square area. The lightest tent fabrics are 10D while a tent floor might be made of 70D.

Most tents are coated with a Polyurethane especially budget tents. The reason for this is that it’s the cheapest way to waterproof a fabric.

More expensive tents may have the addition of polyether in the PU formulations, which makes them highly resistant to hydrolysis.

Why do tents have two layers of fabric? Some do and others do not. Small lightweight tents can be single layered,  For the family camper most serious tents will have an inner and an outer.

What about a groundsheets? Most tents will have a fitted groundsheet. In smaller tents it will cover the whole of the inner tent floor, but often in larger family tents each compartment will have its own groundsheet.

Doors and windows?  Ventilation is very important in a tent so you’ll need to have a good look at doors, windows and vents.

Some doors also act as a windbreak and some double-up as a canopy to give you extra space under cover but in the open air, which is ideal for cooking. Good tents will often have double zips so you can open a door from the top or the bottom. Check there is a way of fixing it open.

Some tents have porches so, again, make sure that it all works well and that the space is useful to you. Now check the windows – they can make the inside of a tent light and airy and they may have mosquito nets so even when the window is open, you’ll still get a midge-free night’s sleep. On warm nights you can sleep with the door and windows open with the midge nets in position.


Quick Pitch Tent

A quick pitch or instant tents do exactly as they say. Made by a number of brands. Quick pitch tents are mainly thought of as children’s / festival tents for one or two-people.

How they work? These tents come in a circular pack and are held flat by velcro and straps. You peg out a separate groundsheet and then release the fastenings on the tent package. The built-in poles ‘explode’ the tent into shape and you then fasten it down with pegs and guyropes.

Key Points


  • Pitches easily
  • Can be done by one person.
  • Packs away easily.
  • Has all the advantages of the dome tent style.
  • Perfect for a single person
  • Perfect for a festival camper

Colemans also have a tent technology that pitches a tent in just 1 minute, take a look at this video

Pop-up Tent

Pop up tents do exactly as they say. These kind of tents are perfect for festivals. Why choose a pitch tent? They are ideal for people who have never pitched a tent before the poles are already assembled and fitted into the fabric and once the sprung frame is unleashed they just pop up by themselves.



  • Easy set up
  • Takes less than a minute to pitch
  • Compact
  • Lightweight easy to carry
  • Footprint is always small so these tents can fit in virtually anywhere

Dome Tentdome-tent

Dome tents are one of the most popular tent styles

Dome tents are easy to put up and work with an interlocking pole system that feeds into a simple webbing structure to hold the tent in place.

  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to carry and transport.
  • Good headroom due to it’s shape
  • Strong
  • Can be easily joined to another tent
  • Cheap.
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for a range of camping trips

Tunnel Tenttunnel-tent

The poles on a tunnel tent will be arched over in a tunnel shape, rather than cross over each other. Whilst a dome tent could be freestanding, a tunnel tent will always need to be pegged down.

  • Good protection in windy areas
  • Ideal for larger groups
  • Perfect for families
  • Headroom is ample
  • Versatile.
  • Great in all environments
  • Comfortable and spacious, making for a ‘home’ away from home


Ridge Tent

A ridge tents are perfect for families and large groups. These tents are stable and range from small one person tents to large family tents.

A ride tent is quite easy to pitch with very good head hight however the pitch makes these tent no good for walking around in.

  • Sturdy
  • Simple to pitch
  • Range of sizes
  • Multiple guy ropes
  • Durable
  • Can last for years


Backpacking Tent

If you’re heading off on a backpacking adventure, your three bulkiest items will be your backpack your sleeping bag and your shelter.  Investing in a good quality lightweight tent is vital, your tent needs compact easy to carry, easy to pitch and pack away.



  • Lightweight
  • Simple to install
  • Compact
  • Great for hikers
  • Ideal for harsh weather conditions

A Beginners Guide on How to Go Camping

Camping can be so so much fun however if you have not been camping before it can be a little tricky. Our staff here at Outdoor camping Direct have produced this guide to help make your first time camping enjoyable and stress free.

Camping with the correct equipment can produce the holiday of a life time at a super low cost, many people go camping with their friends and family

If you are new to camping, this guide will direct you to all the knowledge you need to purchase your camping gear and have a successful first trip away.












First time Festival Camper Key Essentials Buying Guide

First time Festival Camper Key Essentials

If you’re off to your first festival then the chances are you have no idea what camping and essential equipment you will need? The team here at Outdoor Camping Direct have hand picked some key essentials.


Make sure you take the right footwear, with thousands of people moving from stage to stage camp site to camp site means fields turn muddy fast, it’s best to ditch trainers and flip flops and opt for a pair of practical Wellies.

For Men

The Mumford Wellington

The perfect festival Welly made using a classic rubber, these are a super comfy welly, see our full collection at Outdoor Camping Direct Buy at Outdoor Camping Direct

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For Women

Evercreatures Short Wellies White Polka Dots

This Ladies welly is a real head turner. Not only it has been enhanced with a subtle white foxing strap it’s just 27cm high making these super comfy, our ladies here at Outdoor Camping Direct tell us they will be wearing these when they head to Glastonbury in June. Buy at Outdoor Camping Direct

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A top quality sleeping bag is a must have for any festival camper. Our top pick is the

Yellowstone Single Trail Lite Sleeping Bag 2 Season

A Double Layer Hollow Fibre sleeping bag to keep you warm when the nights are cold, it has extra baffle around the hood to double as a pillow and to keep your head cosy. The bag comes with an internal security pocket so you can keep your valuables close, which is very handy at festivals. Buy now at Outdoor Camping Direct

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Milestone Envelope Single Sleeping Bag Black/Orange 180 x 75cm

One of our staff members recently tested this 2-season sleeping bag at the Isle of Wight Festival and she loved it. At just £9.99 this sleeping bag is amazing value for money. This sleeping bag can be used in a climate of 0-27 degrees Celsius.

We found the bag super lightweight to carry and ideal for packing in a backpack. Highly recommend. Buy now at Outdoor Camping Direct

Vango Contour 60+10 Rucksack

This back pack has been designed festival goers in mind, the Contour 50+10s rucksack offers exceptional performance and fit. It’s been brilliantly designed with the addition of a quick adjust back system. Great value with a top quality design ideal for those who, comfortably, want to carry the world on their shoulders. Buy now at Outdoor Camping Direct


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Yellowstone Mapleton Hi Back Reclined Chair

It’s always so handy to have a camping chair for relaxing at a festival, this is a perfect lightweight padded chair, the chair comes supplied with a durable carry bag.


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Vango Transit Trolley Silver

A must have for groups heading to a festival this summer. The team here at Outdoor Camping Direct really do recommend a festival trolley, there is nothing worse than struggling to carry all your festival equipment to the camp site. Buy now at Outdoor camping Direct

This trolley can hold up to 70kg.

Effortlessly transport your kit to the festival campsite.


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A Festival Tent Buying Guide by Outdoor Camping Direct

The UK Music Festival has just kicked off and we here at Outdoor Camping Direct are super excited. In this Camping guide we are going to take a closer look at the best tents for festival campers

No matter what budget or tent size Outdoor Camping Direct have it covered. Our team have shortlist the very best festival camping tents, some of which are new for summer 2017.

Festival Tent Considerations

Before you choose your festival tent there are a few key questions you should ask yourself

  • Is the tent for one-off use?
  • Will you need to carry the tent far?
  • Would you like to able stand up in your tent to get dressed?
  • Will the tent be just for you? or are you sharing the tent with someone?
  • Is there a porch or separate area to keep muddy footwear in.

Yellowstone 2 Man Umbrella Rapid Tent SLEEPS 2

This really is the perfect tent for a music festival, this tent can accommodate up to two festival goers, It’s easy to pitch with an umbrella action that pulls it up in one swift move. This festival tent folds down easily too and fits easily into a backpack. The Tent comes with an integral groundsheet to keep you dry and warm. Buy at Outdoor Camping Direct


Regatta 2 Man Malawi Outdoor Pop-Up Tent SLEEPS 2

This Regatta tent is a staff favourite here at Outdoor Camping Direct. Our team just love this Tent from Regatta. The pop up technology which Regatta use allows a quick and easy pitching, it’s hardwearing, waterproof and has a sewn-in groundsheet. Buy at Outdoor Camping Direct

3) Instant Tourer Tent – SLEEPS 4

This really is a ***** 5 STAR Tent This is a 4 man Tent that can be pitched in just minutes perfect for Festival Groups.

The Coleman® Instant Tent™ introduces a revolutionary technology, the tent has been designed with sturdy steel poles already connected to the tent in a spider-like structure which helps to make pitching extremely fast. We had this Tent up in just 1 minute! The perfect Tent for festivals. Buy now at Outdoor Camping Direct

4) Robens Klondike – SLEEPS 6

The ultimate festival tent. This beast sleeps up to 6 festival goers, if you’re looking to have the coolest tent on the festival camp site then this is just the tent for you. This tent offers excellent levels of comfort perfect for 5 / 6 people. Buy now at Outdoor Camping Direct

Milestone 2 Man Dome – SPEEPS 2

Our best selling festival tent by far. At just £14.99 this tent features a sewn in groundsheet, it packs away easily as it sets up. The original price was £29.99 however the Outdoor Camping Direct team have reduced this for the festival season. Buy at Outdoor Camping Direct